ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask Complete System- Large

11.00 Ounces

The Mirage Liberty full face mask offers comfort and freedom in a minimalist design that enables patients to read, wear glasses or watch television.  It features dual-wall nasal pillows with trampoline action that move independently and adjusts to various nasal contours  for a comfortable and effective seal. ResMed's patented Mirage dual-wall cushion creates secure , flexible seal accommodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for a chin strap.  Additionally, the supportive headgear with stabilizing elements maintains its shape when removed, providing stability whole the user sleeps.  Each mask is shipped with three pillow sizes (small, medium and large)  and a reduced inventory of the two products codes.  With a fit range of over 90 % ,the Mirage Liberty is comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks.